give and give

there is no take and give

neither give and take

just give and give

never ask back

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6 comments on “give and give
  1. Jay says:

    — Hmmmmm
    give and give………..
    “take and give”

  2. Nenyok says:

    When you give, good things comeback to you, believe that!!!
    *taken from my starbuck agenda :D

  3. warmorning says:

    ya saya tunggu kalo mau ngasih oleh-oleh
    alamat saya masih disimpen kan ? :D

  4. alex© says:

    Just give and give, and never ask back…


    Errr… betewe, pindah blog? :?

    *edit metadata blogroll*

  5. natazya says:

    emang ada yang betul bisa demikian?


  6. eka riyadi says:

    Never never never give up !

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